If you are looking for a great way to share and relive your favorite memories with your friends and family, then the Instax Mini Link compact photo printer is your best choice. Instax mini link is portable, trendy, and simply a match made in heaven for smartphones. The Instax mini Link also gives users access to a number of custom tools for enhancing smartphone images, such as rotation, filter selection, and brightness adjustment. This tech accessory can print photos in about 12 seconds and is available in unique and luxurious colours like “Ash White”, “Dusky Pink” and “Dark Denim”.


This interesting pocket photo printer can print credit card-sized photos directly from the phone’s camera or photo library in a few seconds. It can also be one of the unique gifts for friends. If you want to print photos instantly without the help of a retro film camera, the Instax mini Link Bluetooth printer is your best choice. The mini Link allows you to select the best images from your smartphone and present them in a stylish way on a delicate mini Instax film which is the size of a credit card. This printer is portable, fast, and elegant, making it the perfect partner for smartphones.

 We capture all of our favorite moments and store them neatly and in some cases, we just leave them out and flip through them. With the advent of technology, these moments have been stored on the computer or in the phone memory. But is that enough? Are we doing justice to these beautifully captured moments? Mini Link gives you the option to take all your favourite memories when you have to print on the go, but it can also stay at home, allowing you to print images on your own time. Instax mini link brings you the fun of holding photos, hanging them on the wall, and putting them in your wallet. There are other ways you can Relive all your friend’s memories with Instax Mini Link.

 Restore old photos and relive the memories

We live life not to the fullest but in the moments that life gives us. Life is not big but precious moments pass by. Important moments leave a lasting mark on our lives, no matter how much we want to stay in that moment, it becomes a memory with every passing second. With the Instax mini link, you can brighten your soul and bring those memories to life by creating a collage of vintage prints of some of your best moments captured with your friends and gifting them to create a lasting memory. You can also relive those memories by printing out those crazy pictures with your best friends pin them on your wall.

 Express your emotions better with this extra white area

If you want to write something on a traditionally printed image you do it on the back of the image or below because you don’t have many options. With vintage prints, it's different because you can use that extra space at all the sides of the image to write something personal for your friend to tell. It can also be a perfect travel gift for women friends.

 Photos as a souvenir

 There's something very satisfying about being able to print and store your photos on the spot, gives you instant gratification. Everyone likes to click photos while traveling, partying, and during almost all the celebratory moments of one’s life. With Instax Mini Link, print all the memories in an instant and give them right away as a souvenir to relish the best memories of the best times.

 Vintage-style prints will always impress the recipient with whoever they're gifted to, and high-quality prints say a lot about your taste. An Instax mini link is the perfect gift for him/ her and a great way to show your love and let your friends know how important their presence is in your life.