Do you believe in the magic of new beginnings? Instax does. 2022 is here. Wow, years pass so fast. Is it just us or do you also think that 2022 seems way shorter than even 2021 and 2020? With the haste that the years are passing, it becomes more important than ever to capture these treasured fleeting moments that don’t intend to come by but only to cherish. But what if we told you that you could, that you didn't have to let go of the moments so easily? No, we're not advising you to take pictures with your phone. We're talking about the art of making moments linger eternally.

These couple of years have been filled with ups and downs, uncertainty, and dire situations. The recollections of happy and hopeful days are what kept us together. That's the magic we're talking about: faith in fresh beginnings. As the new year is here, don't allow your belief in new beginnings to fade. Never let moments pass you by; capture them all and watch the magic unfold with Instax. Witness 365 days of limitless amazing moments that take perfect shape with Instax instant cameras. These cameras also make the best new year gifts for your loved ones to capture endless and timeless memories

The mini 11-With the mini 11 instant photo camera, there are now more ways to give and capture new beginnings. It's available in six stunning colours. The camera has features such as automatic exposure, which allows you to just point and shoot, as well as a front-facing mirror for that perfect selfie moment.

Mini liplay- Not exaggerating, if we say that best instant camera in India. It is one of the best cameras Instax can offer. It is a hybrid camera that offers the ultimate camera experience. The camera captures more than just images. It converts recorded sounds into a QR code that you can hear by scanning the code. Scan the QR code with your smartphone to replay the sound and replay the moment. Watch the magic happen with select and print - it’s that easy

Square Sq1- There is nothing minimal about the Instax Square Sq1 except the basic point-and-shoot Instax instant camera that allows you to click with the touch of a single button, for your convenience. This square-shaped camera works wonders even in low light situations, optimized for better exposure. The camera is available in capturing terracotta orange, chalk white, and glacial blue.

Wide 300- This wide film, which is double the size of a mini film, is perfect for capturing New Year's Eve memories with family and friends. You can capture your treasured moments into cherished memories with the simple point-and-shoot Instax WIDE

Capture the spirit of fresh beginnings this New Year with new moments, newer memories, and everlasting bonds with family and friends.