Instead of hiding out under the covers at home, are you planning to visit uphill's to capture the first snowfall? Or embrace the darker days and cozy adventures with the most awaited holidays overseas to capture the beauty of winters. Both the plans require one element to make travel fulfilling that is Instax instant camera. Your Instax camera is all set to capture the fun filling winter holidays.

Capture your most favorite winter studded holiday pictures to warm up your winter memories with Instax 

Instax Mini 9

Mini 9 is easy to operate and has light functions. The Instax mini 9 instant camera is equipped with a brightness adjustment dial. The camera will automatically determine the optimum level of brightness for taking photos. They enable the most suitable settings based on your surroundings, helping you click the perfect photo. Turn the brightness adjustment dial to the lit position to take bright pictures of the best chill travel moments.

Instax Mini 11

The Instax mini 11 is a successor to mini 9 with advanced features that are convenient to use even for kids. The camera comes with features like automatic exposure which means you can simply point and shoot, mirror in the front to click selfies that are easy to use like there is a button next to the lens that pops out when you click and once you are done, you push the lens back into the body to turn off the camera. The camera is equipped with a selfie mirror in front of the lens to click all your adventures. 

Instax mini Liplay

It is a hybrid instant camera to give you a digital camera experience in the analog setting. The Liplay combines images with sounds. It doesn't only click but captures sound as well. The sound recording is converted into a QR code. Every time you scan the code, you can hear the recorded sound on your phone, replay and relive the moment. 

Square SQ1

Square SQ1 is the latest edition in the new Instax Instant camera. This easy-to-use camera is for beginners who have little or no experience in photography. The camera comes in beautiful terracotta orange, chalk white and glacier blue colour. With more limited control, the Instax Square SQ1's improved auto-exposure system offers more instant photos than previous models. Optimized for better exposure, the SQ1 is now an improved flash feature, made for darker scenarios.

Wide 300

The Instax wide 300 includes a focal zoom slider that allows you to easily choose between two focus zones – 90cm to 3m or 3m to infinity – allowing you to capture the finest detail in a single wide shot. The FujiFilm Instax Wide 300 Camera is ideal for capturing landscapes when traveling since it is twice as wide as the FujiFilm Instax Mini Camera. M make the most of the trip moments with Instax 300.