Weddings are the biggest occasions of the year. They are such a happy event that you can’t just walk in without a gift. Be it your friend, sister, brother or any other important member of your life, gifting is an absolutely necessary thing! We know you agree with us!!

A gift gives voice to your greetings. Even at this age, the relevance and significance of wedding gifts haven’t eloped. You see, a well-thought-out gift speaks a lot more than just a last-minute random purchase. The struggle of finding the ideal gift is real! And the tension doubles up when you know either the bride or groom personally. We have researched some of the best wedding gifts. So, just keep scrolling down. 

Happiness Box:

A happiness box from Instax is an ideal gift for both the bride and groom. With Instax instant camera, the newlyweds can capture the best moments and cherish them for their lifetime. The happiness box comprises an Instax mini camera, 40 shot film, album, fridge magnet, and Instax Bunting. The Instax instant mini camera that comes within the box is a cute, iconic, and portable picture click device. It lets you click the high-quality selfie picture anywhere and anytime.  

Gift Box: 

This Instax gift box is the best wedding gift you can ever think of! The next step after marriage is the honeymoon, and this incredible gift box will make their special moments extra special. Now, they can capture and cherish those moments for a lifetime. The gift box holds Instax Film Pack 10*1, Instax Photo Bunting, Instax Photo Album, Batteries, and Camera strap. 

Both of these boxes are available in two variants. One with Mini 9 and the other with Mini 11 instant camera. 

Not just these gift boxes, but an individual instant camera and printer can also be one of the perfect wedding gifts for her

For instance, SHARE SP - 3, Instax Mini LiPlay, and many more. 


This Instax compact printer is perfect for the new-age power couple. This printer is a smartphone printer. 

It prints stylish photos in a square format Instax print with a single click of a button. You can instantly capture the picture-perfect moments at wedding ceremonies. This printer will give the freedom to the newlyweds to print their blissful moments. The functionality of this easy-to-carry camera is way easier than ever said. All it requires is to click beautiful pictures from the smartphone to be able to get an instant print of them. 

Instax Mini LiPlay: 

LiPlay may be the smallest instant camera of the Instax family. But this hybrid camera comes with a smartphone printer. So, with this beauty, your newlyweds can not only click good quality pictures but can also have the print of those beautiful pictures. Aside from all these magnificent features, this multi-functional camera can record audio which can later be converted into a QR code. This audio can be added with the pictures. 

We hope these on-the-go cameras and printers have sorted your findings of the perfect wedding gifts for her and him. Till the next time we meet….Happy Reading & Shopping!!