“A friend is one of the best things you can be and the greatest things you can have.” — Sarah Valdez

There are relationships that you are born with and on the other hand, there are relationships that you choose for yourself. One of those relationships is Friendship. From eating lunch together in school to graduating together, friends and friendships grow and mature with time. They say Friendship is a blessing,  the blessing of good times and laughter. There is something so liberating about having a good friend or a group of friends that brings out the best in you. Friends, with whom you can be completely honest and yourself. 

Good friends are Medicine!

Good friends are like medicine, you need them to lead a healthy life. They are the companions of good as well as bad times. Foremostly, happiness is just contagious when you are among friends and you need them because they inspire you to become a good person. Let’s chalk out reasons why good friends are imperative for a happy and contented life.

  • They tell you well from bad
  • They are your stressbusters
  • Help you cope with stress and trauma
  • They make you feel good about yourself
  • They make your life better
  • They encourage you to be the better version of you
  • Good friends are important to increase self-confidence and self-worth

Types of Friends you should have

Now we have established that friends are important, let’s now have a look at the kind of friends one should grow up with. We make our friends in our kindergarten, and then the process doesn’t stop. As we grow up, we keep on making friends, and not all the friends are the same. They differ based on how they impact your life and what purpose they serve in your life. You need almost all of them and you should feel lucky if you have all of them.

Your BFF

They are your “chuddy buddies.” The one, with whom you grow and mature together. They will always be there with you for the rest of your life, no matter what. You have been there for each other all your life and you are practically family now. Your BFF knows almost everything about you and it’s like they can see through you. You just cannot hide from them, they just know all the little details about you. The relationship can be rough sometimes because of the bad as well as the good experience all your life together, but it’s all worth it because these experiences just make your relationship stronger.

The brutally honest one

They have no filters and they will stare stone-cold right at you and tell you when they need to hear the harsh truth. That’s how brutally honest they are. When people tell you that it’s normal, they are the ones that tell you that it’s not but it will be better, and even if it doesn't work out that way; you will find him by your side like a rock.

The Listener 

This is the friend that you go to when you want to vent out your emotions. They lend you an open ear without any judgments. They listen to you and they just say the right thing to you but never give you an opinion when you pour your heart and soul into them.

The wild one

You are on your best side when you’re with them. You probably don’t share your secrets with them but you trust them with the best parties and fun. They unleash your wild side and you love that about them.

The work pal

You spend more time with them than with other friends. You also meet each other out of work because you enjoy each other’s company. There is mutual respect and they get you through the day at work.

How many of their friends do you have? You are lucky if you have all of them.  

Appreciation goes a long way

Friendship, like any other relationship, needs to be nurtured. You grow, life gets busy and you just miss your friends so bad that you want to go back in time when you all used to meet over coffee or a cricket match. To keep this friendship forever, a word of gratitude and appreciation goes a long way to keep the bond strong. You should always find a reason to thank them for being there for you. Acknowledge them with a gift that will make the bond even stronger. Go the extra mile and give them the gift that they deserve, the gift that is a testament to your unshaken bond. 

Gift to celebrate the timeless bonds

Though each day with your friends is special, friendship day is the best occasion to celebrate this timeless bond with your friends. It becomes necessary to make them feel special, especially on friendship day, the day that is entirely dedicated to celebrating the everlasting relationship. The best way to celebrate this day is to surprise them with the gift that will celebrate your bond. Gift them the joy of capturing and saving all the best memories of friendship. Give them an Instax instant photo camera to keep all your memories safe. These instant cameras let you live in the moment by clicking all your captured live memories. Not just this, you can also record audio while clicking the instant photo. You can send them a photo with an audio message with the camera itself. Friendship just gets better with the Instax range of the beautiful camera to immortalize memories with your favourite people.

Creating moments is not just limited to making one. It also accounts for giving one. Instax also has a wide range of cameras that accounts for special and Unique gifts for best friends. You can also give your friend a camera so that they can also make memories with their loved ones. The idea of even making a memory lies in the very fact that we cannot be immortal but memories can. 

  1. Instax LiPlay

The camera is a printer as well. The camera comes with features such as Recorded Sound through which one can convert recorded sound into QR code and add it to your photo. Gift your friend this delight to click and print moments instantly.

  1. Instax Mini 11

Mini 11 comes with the feature of the “Automatic Exposure” function. Your friend can take photos in a variety of situations including a bright sunny day outdoors and a dark indoors as well with high-quality prints. This is a perfect gift to give your friend to click photos anytime and anywhere.

mini 11

  1. Instax SQ1

Instax SQUARE SQ1 gives perfect square images that give you much of what you want in every shot. This friendship day, gift them the joy of clicking the perfect picture together.    

  1. Instax Mini Link

Another from the Mini-series, Mini Link is anything but shy. The mini printer showcases impressive printing talents thanks to its super social mini-Link app and its ability to connect with smartphones wirelessly. The printer is packed with pioneering technology that makes it the best gift for your friend.

So, keep making moments and keep making memories with the awesome range of Instax cameras to gift your friends.