The act of gifting is such a personal experience. Almost everyone, whether it is you, me or for that matter anyone, loves to give gifts, and it is even more special for someone who is accepting it. It is another thing to give gifts to your parents or siblings or relatives, but when it comes to giving surprise presents to your best friends, catching their first reaction is a feeling out of the world.

Surprises are essential for added happiness. Now isn’t that right? And, every gift has a meaning behind it, and when it comes to giving gifts such as Fujifilm Instax Mini Camera, making the right choice will play a pivotal role. You need to think about a lot of things beforehand like which camera to buy, where to buy it from or what is the purpose behind buying an Instax photo camera.

Don’t stress too much, just sit back and relax. We have come up with the points that would serve as the ultimate guide to help you make the right choice of which Fujifilm Instax instant camera will be a perfect gift for your best friend. So, let’s dive straight in:

What is the purpose behind you gifting the instant camera?

It is always best to be sure of what is the reason behind buying an instant camera, whether it is to encourage your best friend to practice photography, to encourage them to capture special moments in life or as an intimate anniversary gift for him and his wife. Why are we dwelling on this question is to help you select which camera would suit the purpose/cause of a surprise gift. Also, it’ll help save a lot of time and money.

So, which Instax Mini Camera to buy?

You can select from a range of Instax Mini Cameras. Here is a quick list to help you make the choice:

  1. The newly launched Instax Mini 40: A retro look and feel camera, Instax 40 is packed with some of the latest features like programmed electronic shutter, real image finder with target spot, automatic exposure control, selfie-mode and more, to alleviate the user experience. This camera is a great gift as it enables the user to capture every special moment with extra special love in high-quality pictures, selfie or normal. 
  2. All-time favourite Instax Mini 11: Designed to fit seamlessly into your everyday life, this camera is famous for its affordability, elementary features, easy accessibility and vibrant shades of colour it is available in. This is one of the most sold instant cameras and is a great gift choice for someone who is great at taking pictures.
  3. The fun & simple Instax Mini 9: Built with some basic features such as High-key mode and close-up lens, Instax Mini 9 is an easy to operate instant camera that indulges its users to take cracking selfies and effortlessly exposed pictures. So that you have all the more memories to keep. Plus, its affordable pricing makes it an easy gifting choice whatever the occasion may be.
  4. The Instax mini 90 Neo Classic: Giving the user more control over the shoot with its enhanced creative capabilities and variety of shooting modes, Instax mini 90 is a go-to instant camera if your best friend is into travel photography or for that matter any kind, as Mini 90 is also packed with additional features such as Automatic exposure control, self-timer mode and more. It is more than just an instant camera, it is an everyday camera!
  5. Have some fun with Instax Mini LiPlay: Just like Instax Mini 11, Mini LiPlay is also an all-time favourite instant camera but for its unique reasons. LiPlay is adorned with ultra-modern technology that allows the users to not only select which picture to print, but to also record the sounds of surroundings to remember the moment by. So, if your dear friend is into clicking multiple pictures and feels nostalgic, then LiPlay will surely make him or her very happy.

Also, if you still feel confused, you can choose from the gift boxes we have made available on our website. Here, check this: 

Where to buy it from?

You can buy Instax range of products from Fujifilm Instax India’s official website or can buy any instant camera online from the official partners - Flipkart, Amazon, Nykaa, FirstCry, among others. Your gift is special, and all of these platforms take extra care when delivering the gift to you for your loved ones. So, you can pick any instax mini and buy it from these platforms and get delivered within a set timeline.

Wrapping it Up

You can buy anything in this world for your best friend, and yet if you go with an instant camera, make sure it serves a purpose and is of meaning to your best friend, and is not just an accessory. Instax Mini Cameras have known to make the lives of the receiver more colourful, vibrant and capture-worthy, and trust us, when we say that we have made over 40 million people happy with our product already.

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We are sure, we’ll woo you like we wooed the rest, with our classic product that snaps every moment as it is for a lifetime.