Time is like a river, it just cannot be contained. Nonetheless, the best thing that one can do in either situation is to live it, cherish it with our loved ones and capture the moment to make the experience last forever. Every day we try to make memories that stay with us forever, and Instax photo camera is here to help you make that possible.

Instax believes in the power of nostalgia and it finds it even more necessary to make it accessible for people like us all. There is not a single moment that is not made to capture, but yet, here are a few moments which you shouldn’t forget to hold time for with the Fuji Instax mini camera:

Your Best Friend’s Birthday Bash: There is something special about celebrating your best friend’s birthday. From decorating the place for a surprise bash to making sure to get the perfect picture for a social media brag, we always look forward to the day. Besides, we also look for that special picture to remember the day by, just for us. So, take Instax instant camera with you to capture your personal happiest moment.

On a Solo Trip: Pandemic or not, we all are always looking for a getaway just to ourselves, to relax, rejuvenate and connect with ourselves. That moment that you live alone will just be yours and only yours and nothing can take it away from you but you can keep it with you in a form of physical memory with Instax instant camera. 

To your Child’s First Stage Performance: Some days just scream CAPTURE ME, for that moment if gone will never return and won’t feel the same ever again. Take your Instax camera with you to your son’s or daughter’s recital or first dance performance or even a debate. They are growing and they will change with time and they’ll achieve heights, and yet, this first day into their journey will never return. So, hold it together. 

To your Sister’s Wedding Day: We are all fans of American Sitcom ‘The Office’, but we want you to know that you can take more than just a mental picture of your sister’s big day. The day is super special and everyone is in their most happiest element, so why shy away from carrying an instant camera with you to make the moment stay with you forever, the very moment where you see your sister smile and your parents shed a tear or two of happiness. Hold it still with you with Instax, trust us, you’d thank us later.

The weekend getaway with family: We don’t get to spend much time with family these days but when we do ain’t it just the most fulfilling feeling ever? And, on that, imagine if you could lock the moment in the frame instantly with Instax mini photo camera. So, next time you plan a getaway, be sure to take the instant camera with you.  

Your Office Party: Some days at the office are unexpectedly the days that you actually want to remember for the rest of your life, and why not capture it with an instant camera? Instax is known to add a little extra fun to the office party with its instant photography and imaging feature. Now, click pictures with the colleagues that have become like family and pin those pictures down on your desk to reminisce the day.

To a date with the love of your life: How sometimes we take the moments we live in for granted, but no more with Instax. We want you to hold the time still with the love of your life. Instax mini cameras are super lightweight which makes them a perfect carry along to your date to snap away your kiss under the mistletoe or at your favourite cafe. We know an instant camera is just what you want.

Instax is with you at every step, so, go with the flow and live the moment.

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