Women are emotional beings. You bring them the most expensive gifts, but if there’s no depth in them, they won’t like them. But you bring them the tiniest flower with the purest intentions and emotions, they’ll never forget about it. Women love when someone is as expressive as them, displays emotions like them, understands the depth of intent like them, cares like them, and caresses delicate emotions like them.

Women know the power of actions. They believe the smallest actions have bigger impacts. They believe, if the emotions behind them have the power to dive deep enough into the depths of her heart, the emotions are true. All we just want is to make the women in our lives happy, not just on the outside, but from the inside too.

A photograph is one such beautiful thing that is filled with emotions and intent. It’s a ticket to your woman’s heart. A gesture that can make her fill with joy. A beautiful feeling. A display of emotions.

So, when you’re looking to impress someone special, such as your life partner, the most important woman in your life, your beloved wife, we give you some of the unique, special, and perfect ideas if you’re searching for the perfect anniversary gift for wife.

And to start this, you just need the amazing Instax Printers and Instax Cameras, some stationery, a little bit of creativity, and you’re all set to create a heartfelt anniversary gift for wife. Anniversary present that she’ll always remember.

Instax Mini 12 Moments Box

A smart gift that will help her capture moments and transform them into memories instantly. The Instax Mini 12 Moments Box is a box full of fun. The camera is simple to operate, is available in 5 cool colours, and is packed with features like Selfie Mode and Auto Exposure. The Box is loaded with accessories and mini films for her to click, print, and cherish every moment.

Instax Mini 12 - Moments Box

Instax Mini Link 2 Printer

Carry it, flaunt it, and print on the go. Another beautiful gift that will light her heart up. With Mini Link 2 Printer, she’ll be able to print the best photos saved in her phone gallery.

It gives high-quality prints and gives an option to add filters and frames. It’s a perfect anniversary gift for wife because it’s not just a present, it’s a key to unlocking unforgettable memories and bringing them to life.

Instax Mini Link 2 - Smartphone Printer

Instax gift boxes

Who doesn’t love creating memories? We know the woman in your life loves it the most. So, what can be the best and unique anniversary gift for wife? The one that will help her stitch delightful moments into beautiful memories with you. The gift of instant fun, the range of Instax Gift Boxes.

Packed with an Instax Camera, films, printer and lots of awesome accessories, the Instax Gift Box is a perfect gift because you're not just giving her a present, you're giving her the key to unlock unforgettable memories and bring them to life. The Instax Gift Boxes come in different shapes, sizes, and varieties. Here are some gift boxes from Instax those are suitable as anniversary gift idea-

  • Mini Link 2 Starter Kit
  • Instax Mini Link 2 Goodness Box
  • Instax Mini 12 Gift Box
  • Instax Mini 12 Moments Box
  • Instax Mini 11 Happiness Box


Why limit a keychain to a few things? A regular keychain with keys attached to it can unlock doors, start vehicles, etc. but when little emotions and feelings are added to it, a simple keychain can unlock more than just the doors of your house. It can unlock the doors that lead to your wife’s heart. You just have to unleash your creativity and get started. Hand-pick some of your favourite memories with your wife. Whether it’s from your awkward first date, the day you held hands for the first time, or the time you tied the knot with each other. Just choose your favourite memories, print them using Instax Printers, and turn them into keychains filled with emotions. This will make her happier than ever.

Flip-book of your first times

Do you remember the time you looked into her eyes and kissed her? Or the time when you went on a trip for the first time. Or the moment who proposed to her and made your way into her heart. To touch a woman’s heart, you don't have to do big things. Just this simple gesture is enough. Dive deep into nostalgia, walk through the doors of your beautiful memories of your ‘first times’ with your wife. Whether they are the memories you created together using Instax Cameras or the delightful time you spent together throughout the expedition of your married life.

Just hand-pick some of your favourite first time memories, craft beautiful messages and let your feelings flow freely. Let your emotions bring out the best artist in you as you create a beautiful, heartfelt scrapbook of your first times that will not just make her happy, but fill her heart with joy. A gift so special that whenever she will flip the pages of it, every chapter will serve as a constant reminder of your love story. So when you’re desperately searching for an anniversary gift for wife, you might want to try this.

Jar full of feelings

Time to get a little more creative. You just have to find old mason jars, and you’re all set to create something unique.Just pick out some of the beautiful memories you’ve created with them, and get a little creative. Hand-pick those special moments you spent with them. Those beautiful moments when you walked alongside them with your fingers intertwined, or the gorgeous moments when you cooked a meal together and made a mess in the kitchen, but enjoyed every moment of it. Just think about those moments, dig out some memories you created and captured on your Instax Cameras, or print them using Instax Printers.

Pick up the jar, paint it with your creativity, decorate it with your innovation, and fill it up with the sweetness of your memories. By assembling a collection of photographs and memories in a decorative jar, you create a collection of cherished memories, that takes them down the memory lane every time they look at it.

Photo lamp

A gift that lights them up. Literally. Get your creativity out of the box, grab some stationary, and get going.Dive into the ocean of delightful memories you created together, and choose the best ones, the ones that are closest to their heart.

The ones that light up their face and heart every time they look at them. Pick out these emotional moments and turn them into a photo lamp. Create a new lamp of your own, or get it customised from somewhere. It’s up to you which route you want to take, but your wife falling in love with this gift is guaranteed.

Fridge magnets

Conventional fridge magnets are a thing of the past. You can add a little bit of your creativity, and lots of emotions and feelings and create something much more unique and sweet. Customize fridge magnets into photo magnets by just sticking your favourite memory.

Be it a funny moment when you fell in the mud on a rainy day, or an emotional moment when you became each other’s soulmate, officially. Just choose your favourite memory of them and turn it into a photo magnet. And keep these delightful memories in front of them so that they can cherish them forever.

So, those were some of our favourite and unique ideas for anniversary gift for wife. Just get a little creative, let your imagination run wild, be innovative, and handcraft a delightful and thoughtful anniversary gift for wife that she’ll remember forever.