Do you think that we in every days turmoil kind of miss to live the days that we just let pass by, that we forget to take on the chances that our life throws at us, and that we miss to acknowledge and appreciate the love our mothers shower on us and what she does for us every single day, especially during these pandemic times she’s stretching herself to the extent and beyond to provide for the family while juggling between work and home chores.

Celebrating life is about living each day in high spirits, taking on the next big event of life and getting through it, or sometimes picking on a hobby that you thought you never will ever again. Our moms sacrifice a great deal of everything for our happiness, and yet we kind of forget about it like it was just a passing thought.

Not anymore. This year, Instax wants you to remember how hard your mother tries to make things happen for you whether it is by cooking your favourite meal, sewing the sweater you always wanted or just by staying awake at night waiting till you safely get back home. We want to remind you that there is love and happiness that you can shower on her by giving her something special and celebrating every day with her by just participating in day-to-day activities with it.

So, whats the perfect gift for her, your mom or an aunt whos super close to you, or your best friend who is about to become a mother. Whats that gift that she will definitely love and utilise equally, and that will remind her that you celebrate her presence?

Well, Instax India brings you a series of compact instant camera that will make for just the ultimate gift for her as itll enable her to celebrate each day as it comes and capture it for the rest of the life.

Create photographic memories that last forever

The time never stops for anyone, and remember that your mother is getting old too. So, just hold every happy moment you can with her in an instant frame. Celebrate with her today, tomorrow and every day to come, so you can look back at it and cherish old memories created with our Instax instant camera.

Instax believes in the power of nostalgia and there is nothing better than a physical picture that reminds us to cherish the good old happy days that instils in us the hope to live a better tomorrow. Take today as a chance to appreciate your mum and everything she stands for.

Create with her a cookbook from scratch, take some random pictures of her as and when you travel to different parts of the world or just take a picture of her while she sits in her favourite chair relaxing and reading a book. Snap away the very instant in a physical forever form that reminds you of the moment you lived happily, without any stress, and guess what, youll realise that you may not have to wait for a mothers day to do that the next time.

And, our high-quality SQ 1 instant photo camera will be the perfect companion through all these moments by providing you with unforgettable and forever lasting frames.

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