A perfect gift, according to Collins Dictionary, is something as nice as it can be. The world will enter the year 2022. These last two years have been tough for everyone on the planet. The pandemic took away a lot of things from us. With things glancing and positive, the upcoming celebrations provide us with the perfect opportunity to give. The best new year gifts for friends and family to sprinkle up the celebrations. It is time to capture happiness with a flash of timeless memories and click of fleeting moments with Instax. 

Fuji Instax mini cameras make the best new year gift for your loved ones in 2021. The gift boxes are exclusively designed for moments that fill you with warmth and bring your loved ones closer. Those moments deserve to be captured. From the Instax mini-series to the Instax wide camera, capture your joyful moments in photos that will last a lifetime. 

We have the Best new year gifts to make this year a walk down memory lane. 

Mini 9 Gift box- The Fujifilm Instax Mini 9 gift box is a personalized gift box of endless memories. The mini 9 gift box holds a mini 9 instant camera, Instax Mini Film Pack 10x1, Instax Photo Bunting, Instax Photo Album, Batteries, Camera Strap. With a mini 9 gift box, shake up celebratory moments and capture the perfect celebratory moments instantly. The Instax mini 9 is available in Flamingo Pink, Cobalt Blue, Ice Blue, Lime Green, and Smokey White colours 

Mini 11 Gift box- With a mini 11 gift box, you may capture all of your special memories with your loved ones. A mini 11 camera, Instax Mini Film Pack 10x1, Instax Photo Bunting, Instax Photo Album, Batteries, and a Camera Strap are included in this gift box. The Mini 11 camera is fantastic for taking perfectly wacky selfies for a night of chit-chat and good times. 

Mini 9 Happiness Box -- If you're looking for a unique way to express your love for your girlfriend or wife this New Year, the mini 9 happiness box is the perfect new year gift. It's a personalized gift box that's perfect for capturing all of life's special moments. A mini 9 camera, Instax Mini Glossy Film, Batteries, User Manual, Instax Album, and Instax Fridge Magnet are included in the mini 9 Happiness Box. The mini 9's built-in LED Flash, which operates in a high key mode, captures the warmth of shared moments in an instant. 

Mini 11 Happiness Box-Another perfect choice for a perfect new year gift for her is the Mini 11 Happiness Box, which will make the occasion even more memorable. A mini 11 camera, Instax Mini Glossy Film, Batteries, User Manual, Instax Album, and Instax Fridge Magnet are all included in the Mini 11 Happiness Box. To capture all of life's special moments, the Mini 11 instant camera features automatic exposure and selfie mode. Blush pink, sky blue, graphite grey, ice white, and lilac are some of the colours available for the Mini 11 camera. 

Instax also offers standalone instant cameras that make great gifts. The cameras are available in a variety of sizes, from mini to wide, including square editions for wider and square frames. These cameras allow you to pick your frame of happiness to capture all of life's special moments.

The mini 11-This camera is a successor to the mini 9. It is available in 6 breathtaking colours. The camera comes with features like automatic exposure which means you can simply point and shoot, mirror in the front for every perfect selfie moment. 

Mini liplay- Mini liplay- Instax offers the best hybrid instant camera for the ultimate camera experience. With retro analog along with modern digital authentication, one can print images from smartphones. The hybrid application also allows the camera to record sound and convert recorded sounds into a QR code that you can hear by scanning the code. 

Square Sq1-Fujifilm's SQ1 instant camera, which is square in design, is a very basic point-and-shoot instant camera that allows you to click with the touch of a single button. The SQ1 now features a superior flash capability for low-light situations that has been optimized for better exposure. The camera comes in three different colours: terracotta orange, chalk white, and glacial blue. 

Wide 300- With film twice the size of a mini film, this large film is ideal for capturing special moments with family and friends. With simple point-and-shoot Instax WIDE, you can turn your precious moments into cherished memories.