The Christmas tree, card, and stocking are all so last year. Make an Insta Xmas tree, Instax card, and Instax stocking this year for a holiday filled with priceless moments and lasting memories. The Instax Christmas DIY craft makes it the best Christmas gifts 2021. This Christmas, warm up your winters with an Instax attitude that embraces capturing timeless memories. So, let’s get creative with Instax prints and make this Christmas ho-ho-ho! 

From decorating a Christmas tree to decorating your home for the festival, Instax is a perfect opportunity to make your Holiday season special and capture a whole slew of Instax photos of your friends and family and make timeless memories. Let's get you in the Christmas spirit with a list of DIY Instax Christmas ideas that are also the best Christmas gifts for friends

Instax baubles 

To get started with your Christmas decorations, Instax baubles is the way to go. So, how to do it? Open your bauble gently and put your Instax print in one half while filling the other half with shredded paper/tinsel. Put the bauble together along with the ribbon and hang your Instax prints to create Christmas vibes in all the corners of your home. 

Instax Photo tag 

Adding a simple name tag on a present is a thing of the past. Rather than writing your loved one's name on their gift this year, print or take a photo of them! Plus, you get to view everyone's cheerful expressions from beneath the tree! 

Instax Christmas cards 

Give an Instax card instead of a regular Christmas card as the perfect Christmas gifts for her. Make Christmas cards with an Instax print of yourself or your family to send to loved ones this season! To produce quick and easy customized cards, simply stick the photo down and write a heartfelt message for them, perfect! 

Instax Christmas stocking 

It's time for Santa to bring you some gifts. Every year, the stocking does the job, but this year, give your stocking an Instax twist. Make your customized Instax stockings and we are confident that Santa will be impressed and will add a few additional goodies to see your delighted smile.

Now with all the customized DIY crafts one can decorate the Christmas tree to transform your Xmas tree into Instaxmass tree. You can Instax baubles and hang them on your Christmas tree! The Instax photo tags stuck with gifts under the tree add up to the decoration. There is no end to creativity with Instax. Don’t forget to keep clicking photos using Instax all through the holiday season and unleash your creativity, keep clicking, keep making memories... Happy Instax Christmas, peeps!