Siblings make a wonderful bond that holds a multitude of emotions within itself. You fight, yell at each other, seek revenge, but above all protect each other. Raksha Bandhan is the best occasion to celebrate this special bond between brother and sister. If you have a sister like a best friend and you want to make this day special for her then Raksha Bandhan is the best occasion. This day is special, for it celebrates the love-hate relationship between a brother and a sister. Naturally, a gift for an occasion so special has to be equally remarkable. Gifts are the perfect way to tell your sister that she is your favourite girl.

Finding the right gift can be hard and if you’re looking for gifting options to give your sister it gets even harder because you just want to give her the gift that she genuinely likes and also puts to use. It can be overwhelming to choose from a plethora of gift options that are available, especially for your sister because sisters usually don’t expect an expensive gift but a thoughtful gift that exhibits their eternal bond. What is better than a gift that can freeze your best moments in time with your sister and closed ones to cherish all your lifetime. Fuji Instax cameras do that for you and that makes it the perfect gift for friends. The instant cameras can be the perfect companion for your sister while she is traveling or having the best time with her family and friends. Fujifilm offers a diverse range of Instax instant cameras. For special occasions like Rakhi, Instax has gift packs that embody your favourite camera with added accessories that make it the best gift to give your sister.

Here are the gift boxes that you can gift your sister on this Raksha Bandhan to make her feel special-

Happiness Box

It is one of the best rakhi gifts for sisters on Rakshabandhan. You can supplement your sister's photography skills with the Instax mini 11, as it has features like auto-exposure, selfie and day mode for unlimited fun. Instax Happiness box is currently available in mini 9 and mini 11 boxes.

Gift Box

If your sister likes taking photos and selfies, the Instax mini gift set is the perfect gift for her. They have gift boxes available in mini 9 and mini 11. The Polaroid Instax mini11 camera is the perfect gift for sisters to explore their photography hobbies. It is equipped with an Instax Mini 11 camera and Instax 10x1 microfilm pack, Instax  photo, Instax photo album, battery and camera strap.

Surprise Box

Give your sister the gift that she will adore. It is also available in mini 9 and mini 11 surprise boxes. The Mini 9 and 11 surprise boxes contain 10 photos, an Instax album, and a fridge magnet whereas the Mini 11 camera comes in five fashionable colors, making it the best gift for Rakshabandhan for your sister. The surprise box is available in mini 9 and mini 11 surprise boxes with mini and mini11 camera respectively.

Treasure Box

The treasure box comes in mini 9 and mini 11 boxes, containing 1 instant camera, 10 x 1 film pack, photo album, refrigerator magnet, Instax buntings, battery, and instruction manual in both the boxes. Cameras and accessories will help her hone her photography skills.

Elite box- Instax Elite Box comes in Mini Liplay and Mini Link Smartphone Printer Elite Box . The former box embraces hybrid mini liplay with Photo album, films and buntings that makes the perfect companion for your sister on special occasions and latter carry mini links to print  memories to revisit anytime.

Though, you don’t necessarily need an occasion to gift your sister but gifting especially during occasions like Rakshabandan is a perfect way to express your love for your sister and instax is the perfect gift to show your sister that you care.