Raksha Bandhan, a festival of love between siblings. A celebration of the bond between sisters and brothers. On the day of Rakhi, sisters tie rakhi “thread” as a mark of love and care for their brothers. And this day, buying Raksha Bandhan gifts for sister or for brother steals the day.

The definition of Siblings is that it comprises love, strife, competition and friends forever. You might be mature for everyone else but when it comes to showing love or teasing your sisters or brothers, age doesn’t matter.

The bond between brothers and sisters is eternal. You have known your sibling since day one and you are going to spend your life with them.

With the changing times, the tradition has also shaped up differently. On this auspicious day, you can tie rakhi to your sister, your brother, your parents or your friends for that matter. It is for everyone and with everyone.

Gifting is an art. When you are close to someone you know what kind of person they are, what personality they hold, what they like or dislike. For this coming occasion, you should start the hunt for the best Raksha Bandhan gift.

Tying a thread on the wrist of your loved ones is not just the end of the day. There should be much more than that. You and your siblings or with whomever you are going to celebrate the day, there has to be a surprise element for them.

The conventional way of handing out cash to sisters is an age-old tradition. Modern days need customized gifts with a personal touch.

We at Instax believe in creating memories and seizing those moments in the frame so that you never have to worry about forgetting them.

Let’s help you select the Rakhi gifts for your sister as it is her day in a traditional way. You need to be prepared for your little bundle of joy or for your elder one.

On this Raksha Bandhan, try something exciting for your sassy sister.

At Instax, we have organised four special gift boxes for this special occasion. Our gift boxes come with masterpieces inside them. One can find nothing inside the boxes but excitement and warmth of love. With an understanding of details in every relationship, we can suggest the best gift.

Instax Mini 9 Gift Box

You know your sister loves going out with friends or solo. She loves being outside of her zone. Her comfort zone lies with travelling around. Why not make her travelling more stylish and fun by gifting her Instax Mini 9 Gift Box. It comes in the trendiest and vibrant colours which will be an add on.


In this box, Instax Mini 9 comes with a strap and a cover for ensuring the safety of this little bundle of happiness. Of course, it is a box consisting of an instant camera, films, albums and decorative covers with which she can decorate her album with portrait prints or create a memory wall.

Instax Mini 11 Happiness Box:

Is your sister a fan of photography? Of course, you have seen her taking photos and making beautiful grids on the Instagram app. With additional five Instax fridge magnets, an album, and films packed in a surprise box, her smile will not stop for once after getting this box. To compliment her photography, Instax Mini 11 Happiness box is the best gift on Raksha Bandhan for sister. With a touch of class and elegance in the gift, you will make her day into an exciting one.


Instax Mini 9 Happiness Box:

Moments that define happiness should be etched into a photograph and Instax Mini 9 Happiness Box is one little instant camera that could help your little sister capture her own moments. Instax Mini 9 clicks the perfect selfies and who is not a big fan of clicking great selfies. With additional five Instax fridge magnets, an album, and films, her smile will not stop once she opens the Happiness Box.

Instax Mini 11 Gift Box:

Instax Mini 11 gift box is a perfect gift choice for someone who is a minimalist. A minimalist is someone who loves basic and simple things in life. Minimalist people are very intelligent. They see beauty in the simplest things. If you know your sister and she is a minimalist one, you have landed in the right place. Instax Mini 11 Gift box has a smart and simple Instax Mini 11. Perfect in clicking close-ups, no need of assistance when using it, dazzling colours nothing looks better than this for your sister on this Raksha Bandhan.

Raksha Bandhan is special for brothers too. Everyone wants a gift and festivals give us an excuse to present our gifts to showcase our emotion, our love and our creativity in selecting presents for our loved ones. We have discussed the rakhi gifts for sister, now the time is to find return gifts. Sisters want to bestow gifts to their brothers as return gifts are expressing the emotions of accepting the presents.

To maximise the feel of sibling love, find out what is your brother’s personality and choose the gift accordingly.

There are incredible and unique gifts for people who are imaginative, quick, fashionable, travellers and much more.

Instax Printers

The pocket-sized mini smartphone printer is a treat to the eye and of course very useful. Instax Printers come in two formats, portrait and Square. For customising your print with more elements in it, use Instax App. Instax app allows you to crop, resize, make collages and much more with the print.

Gift this to your brother who loves to print out his phone gallery photos in different formats. He can simply print out his phone-clicked pictures as many as he wants. Hook him up with Mini Link and Instax Mini SP3.

Instax Mini LiPlay

This Mini LiPlay, a hybrid camera with a smartphone printer function is smart and one of a kind. You don’t click pictures with LiPlay, you record sound with the photos for another kind of experience. LiPlay converts your voice message into a scan code as the receiver can hear after scanning the image. It is a new instant camera for a new era.

Another quirky feature in this hybrid instant camera is- you can do remote shooting. Put the camera in front of the subject, set your frame and get ready to click through your phone.

Isn’t it great?

Instax SQ Series

Why do only portraits have fun? Instax SQ series have square format. Sometimes, to showcase the background of any picture, people love a bit of an open frame. Square format film in the SQ series gives that space. Your brother will love to add a story to the picture with the SQ series.

Raksha Bandhan is more than just a day for the sister-brother or sibling bond. On this day of celebration, grand and splendid exchange of thoughts and presents get exchanged.

With the changing time and era, this age-old occasion continues to be celebrated, the ways of gifting has changed in many ways.

It is not about searching for the best Raksha Bandhan gift for sister, it is also about reciprocating to brother’s love for sister through the scores of unique and special gifts.

Everyone expects a special surprise from siblings and loved ones on such an occasion. Choose a unique gift for your family and siblings from the list and make this Raksha Bandhan, a memorable day for them.