From waiting days for photos to develop to saving photos on your smartphones, there is a significant change in the way we seize memories. Human beings take a lot of pictures in their lives with a digital camera, with fewer or no print images.  We can see images as soon as we click on them instead of having to wait weeks for the images to develop. Do you know how instant pictures came into being? Edwin Land, the creator of instant cameras, was clicking his daughter one day when she asked “Why can’t I see them now?” That motivated him to develop a camera to print instant pictures. No matter how many pictures you save on your phone daily but printing your favourite photos gives you a memory that can keep forever.

We all click a lot of pictures every day and forget about them. With our phone memory full of images, sadly they are barely noticed and often deleted. The concept of instant photos is also based on the concept of the instantaneousness of moments, the difference lies in the tangibility of the instant cameras where prints hold personal value and loads of memories and keepsakes for a lifetime. Moreover, the moments you capture with these cameras are always close to your heart because you capture them with your dear ones.

Insta offers the best Instant cameras to freeze your perfect memories with him/her

Instax Mini 9

For a person who loves to capture memories with family and friends and preserve them like a treasure, the Fujifilm Instax Mini 9 is the go-to instant camera. It also has a selfie camera in the front to click the perfect memories and freeze them forever. It is available in five fun pastel colours - flamingo pink, lime green, cobalt blue, smoky white, and ice blue

Instax Mini 11-With mini 11, you can now capture your perfect moment whenever and wherever you want. The Instax mini 11 is a successor to mini 9 with advanced features that are convenient to use even for everybody. The camera is also equipped with a selfie mirror in front of the lens to click flawless selfies instantly. The camera is available in five attractive colours- Blush Pink, Charcoal Grey, Ice White, Lilac Purple, and Sky Blue.

Instax mini Liplay- Instax offers the best hybrid instant cameras for the ultimate camera experience for freezing memories in the best possible and bigger ways. Mini Liplay combines images and sound in a single camera. The camera not only clicks instant photos, but you can also get them printed from your smartphones. The hybrid application also allows the camera to record sound and convert recorded sounds into a QR code. Every time you scan the code, you can hear the recorded sound on your phone, replay and relive the moment. So, now with liplay recording sounds add a magical effect to your photos.

Square SQ20- With Instax’s hybrid  SQUARE SQ20, you can capture the best moments perfectly square-ways. Now you can record up to 15 seconds of video, use the dial on the back of the camera to select the image that best captures the moment.

Not just cameras, Instax also offers printers-instax mini Link and instax SHARE SP-3 to print perfect pictures from your smartphones. Instax has the best instant cameras which are all fun, affordable and convenient in use. These cameras are designed to click your best moments with your loved ones.