Gifts are the perfect way to strengthen relationships with your friends. Irrespective of the buying capacity of the person, everyone loves to receive gifts because one cannot buy love and appreciation. A gift indeed conveys emotions better than words. Special occasions are the most common reason to give gifts to your friends and loved ones.  Almost everyone, regardless of age, loves gifts, and birthdays are the most important days in everyone's life. You can surprise your friend with a gift that shows you care for them.

Why  Instant cameras make the best gifts?

The age of smartphones where we click and store pics daily in the most random manner has lost the essence that pictures used to hold. Clicking countless photos on your smartphone loses track of photos and their significance. Clicking more photos has caused the images to become trivialized. Photo prints are the beautiful expression of life’s most special moments." This nostalgia is driving the millennials to choose instant cameras as gifting options for their friends.

They say "You never know the value of a moment unless it becomes a memory. Photo prints are perhaps the anchor that allows us to revisit those fleeting moments and live them once again. Gift them the joy of instant photographs with Fujifilm’s range of Instax instant cameras and digital cameras for creating memories. Find unique gifts for friends and give them the attractive line-up of the Instax gift boxes to capture the magical moments and seal them in pictures.

Happiness Box -

Happiness Box - It is a perfect gift to give to your friend to capture all your happy moments at one place. Instax happiness box comes in mini 9 and mini 11 packs that contain the best camera for instant photos. Mini 9 and mini 11 happiness box contains fun accessories, including 40 shots of films, Album, Fridge Magnets, and Instax Bunting.

Gift Box- Is your friend a photo enthusiast? Mini 9 and mini11 gift boxes are the best personalised gift options to gift your friends on their birthday. The gift box contains Instax Mini Film Pack 10x1, Instax Photo Bunting, Instax Photo Album, Batteries, Camera Strap that makes it the perfect gift combo to give to your photo enthusiast friend

Treasure Box- Gifting a treasure box is a thoughtful way to show your friend that you care.

The treasure box is also available in mini 9 and mini 11 variants with 1 Instant Camera, 10 x 1 Film Pack, Album, Fridge Magnet, Instax Bunting, Batteries, and Manual along with the gift that makes the box a perfect gift to give to your best friend.

Surprise box-

There is no better way to surprise your friends than with a Surprise box. The Surprise Box is up for grabs in mini 9 and mini 11 boxes. Along with selfie-ready Instax Mini 9 and picture-perfect mini 11 cameras, surprise Box embraces 10 film shots, Instax Album and Fridge Magnets. A surprise box is just the perfect gift for your friend to evoke warm memories.

Thus, make the most of the important occasions and give your loved ones the gift of memories. Indulge them in emotions and nostalgia to let them know their importance in your life and how much you care for them. The Instax instant camera is worth the investment for a lifelong friendship.