Clicking pictures with your mobile phone is one thing, but capturing your precious moment and printing live in front of you on glossy paper that will stay with you forever is real. Instax does that for you!  With Instax's Mini LiPlay, you can do more than just print a photo. The Fujifilm Instax mini camera offers the instant gratification of capturing printed images to its nostalgic customers. Taking user experience to a whole new level, Instax instant cameras have introduced a hybrid instant camera; the Instax Mini LiPlay. This camera allows you to click instant photos and even print them from your smartphone. Besides, the camera can record audio, and you can convert the recorded audio into a QR code and add your photo with your smartphone to playback the audio and relive the moment. The all-in-one Instax LiPlay is designed taking into account the changing preferences of youngsters and provides unique features to meet the needs of these young customers. There are many reasons that you will definitely fall in love with the product.

Here are 3 things you'll love about Instax Mini Liplay:

It is a Smartphone Printer Too- Instax Liplay is not just a camera, it is a printer too that connects with your smartphone and you can print from your smartphone as well to print good quality photos. Fujifilm has developed a new app for LiPlay to connect to your smartphones. This application allows you to connect your camera to your mobile phone via Bluetooth and take advantage of various modes in Mini LiPlay. The most striking feature of Mini Liplay is remote printing. You can access the Full Camera Roll Library, select photos, resize them, cut them to fit the film, and print them directly from your camera.

Capture photo with Sound-  You can also capture the sound while capturing the photos. To record a sound, you just have to press the record button on the front of Liplay. The camera captures a 10-second sound that comes out in the form of a QR code and every time someone scans the code, they can hear the sound message. It is the best way to send wishes to your friends and family on occasion. You can add a sound recording to the one taken before, and thanks to the fact that you can insert a micro SD card, you can save more photos.  

Review and then Print- The LiPlay is a hybrid. Unlike most other Instax cameras, you can view your images on the LCD screen and then decide whether you want to print them or not. This puts an end to wasting film on images and you can get the perfect shot without wasting loads of film. This hybrid addition to the company’s Instax range of instant cameras lets the users print the photos immediately on the spot, review the images and choose the photos to print. The camera is also available in three stylish colours: sleek black, stone white, and rose gold. The camera also comes with the ability to customize your photos with different types of frames and filters.

There is something about watching a freshly taken photo pop up instantly before your eyes and capture your attention in a way that ordinary prints don't. Instax liplay takes you to the simpler times when photo prints were the only way to secure your memories. With a mix of modern technology and nostalgia, it brings us close to the best of both times. You can also show it off to your friends.