Spending 365 days in a relationship is no small feat. The one-year anniversary is a milestone, and it should be treated as such. Whether you go out on a date or spend an evening together, there is no wrong way for you and your SO to celebrate. But if you want to present one of the best anniversary gifts for her then it can be hard to find a unique way.

Great Gift for first anniversary

The new Instax instant camera – Mini 11, can be a perfect gift for her combined with outdoor recreation. This is not just for teenagers who love photography! The compact instant camera these days is inexpensive, easy to use, and very fun! Photos come in retro looks like Instagram and are printed in a few seconds. Gifts don't always have to be "stuff." You can always give your partner a fun experience celebrating your first anniversary as you can get a perfect moment by creating a college.

Celebrate your day without spending much

You can even celebrate a day that costs nothing. Of course, gifts bought from a store can be considered as gifts from the heart. If you are open to spending money on something tangible, why not give your partner something they don't expect? These cameras are fun toys with you wherever you go, whether you're on vacation or just a regular weekend.

Instant cameras are easy to use

You may want to watch the video online before using it for the first time to make sure your Instax photos look as good as they should (they will give you tips like avoiding too much backlight, you don't need to move the image, etc.). But no, these cameras are built with advanced features and take pictures with automatic exposure. This mini photo camera is a type of camera that uses self-adhesive film to create a chemically made print just after taking a picture. Now, you can live your life having fun. Additionally, it is ideal for photo lovers as you can create a moment with your partner by clicking on your first Instax photo.