The Fujifilm instant photo camera Instax SQ20 was released with a wave of indecision from the photography community. Its predecessor, the Instax SQ10, is a fan favorite. It’s one of Fujifilm’s first crossover instant cameras, which takes beautiful images and, frankly, it looks adorable. It appears to be a perfect instant camera if you are looking forward to take best pictures without facing much difficulty. 

A perfect combination of features and easy accessibility

Yes, the first SQ20 is a hybrid digital and compact instant camera. We love this feature—gone are the days when you’re forced to waste film on under or overexposed shots and unflattering angles. The camera is equipped with a digital image sensor, digital image processing technology, and a handy colour LCD monitor where you can review content before committing to a hard copy. Both also have a built-in internal capacity of about 50 images with room for a memory card so you can take pictures now and print later. One feature we’re relieved the SQ20 does not come with is the auto/manual switch. The SQ20 doesn’t have an auto/manual switch, thus eliminating the problem of auto print.

Experience new shoot settings

For those of you interested in mixing up your social media content, the instant photo printer camera has some fun new shooting settings including a time shift collage, image sequencing, and frame grab. This is a big upgrade from the SQ10 which is only capable of double exposure and a few bulb modes. And speaking of Frame Grab, the SQ20 now lets you film a video up to 15 seconds long and then pick which frame or frames you want to print. This is a perfect feature for action shots of every variety.

SQ20 – A perfect choice to make

We recommend going with the Instax SQ20, especially if this is your first instant camera. The newly added features are incredible, it’s fun to use, and it takes beautiful images. Also, the Instax SQ20 price is also reasonable. It makes more sense to invest in the upgrade upfront. The SQ20 is a game-changer for your content. The addition of shooting settings like collage mode, frame grab, and time shift adds a remarkable amount of variation to your content. All we’re saying is, consider the upgrade.