Photos are one of the best ways to personalise the most special days in your life.  Instant Instax cameras are the perfect gift to seize life’s best moments, develop them instantly and keep them as souvenirs to cherish forever. Instant cameras also make a befitting wedding gift option for the newlyweds. The newlyweds will surely love these beautiful-looking instant cameras. Though the technology has advanced and we store all our photos digitally in cameras and smartphones, Instant cameras bring back the charm of the old days that make them relevant even today and in the future. Holding a camera print takes you on a nostalgic drive that digital cameras are unable to offer.



We will dive into technicalities later, foremostly instant cameras are the best ways to click life’s best moments and develop them in seconds to enjoy the fond memories later on. Think of all the cute photos of their date nights, trips and all important moments in their lives they can take pictures of. Every time they take a picture, it will remind them of you.

Here is the list of Instax Instant cameras that makes the perfect wedding gift for newlyweds

Wide 300 - The Instax 300 is one of the best cameras for instant photos and a perfect wedding gift. Wide 300, as the name suggests, are double the mini Instax films. The wide film type is perfect to click panoramic shots and capture all those fun moments that a photographer can’t. Gift the newlyweds wide 300 bundle pack with 20 camera films shots for uninterrupted capturing of moments. Speaking of its features, the camera has an automatic flash, close-up lens and easy-to-use focal zoom dial for simply taking the perfect pictures. The camera poses a backlighting feature to capture the right mood in every frame. For a group photo, the Instax WIDE 300 features an integrated tripod socket to take group photos. Use the viewfinder to frame the shot and you’re ready to capture the picture twice as wide for twice the memories.


Instax SQ1- A wider square frame to capture all the special moments on a big day like a wedding, SQ1 is just the unique gifts for friends who are getting hitched.  This minimal design camera has a rotating ring in the front of the lens to activate the selfie mode. With a retro square pic, SQ1 is designed to capture the big day and it is just the perfect wedding gift for couples for a retro touch to their most special moments in life. With SQ1 square prints, the couples will be able to make the best memories  to reminisce their special day forever. For better picture quality, the SQ1 has an improved flash feature, perfect for clicking the best pictures in every light. The camera is available in beautiful terracotta orange, chalk white, and glacier blue colour.

Not just cameras, instant printers also make the best wedding present to give to newlyweds.

SHARE SP-3- It is a smartphone printer that prints stylish square format Instax print with a single click of the button. SP-3 connects with your smartphones to print all the perfect wedding photos. Gift SP-3 printers to the couples, to help them print all their special moments. All they have to do is to take their best pictures from their smartphones and print them into chic square Instax prints. SP-3 makes the perfect wedding gift as it is portable, speedy and prints out classy retro pics making it the perfect match for smartphones to gift on a wedding day.