With Diwali being round the corner,  it's time to prep-up your home for the occasion, with easy yet gorgeous home decor ideas. Diwali colours and diyas infuse the festive spirit into the home. Let's light up our house with something more than the traditional Diwali Decor Ideas, using the Instax instant camera for instant images. Illuminate your home with festive glitters by using Instax instant prints.

 Instax wall with string lights

Diwali is a festival of lights. Traditionally diyas are used to light up the home during the festival. Similarly, DIY home decor with festive lights will illuminate your room giving the festive vibes and will make you nostalgic with your best memories on the wall. Use the Instax mini 9 gift box that contains a mini 9 camera, the best camera for instant photos, with accessories like Instax Mini Film Pack 10x1, Instax Photo Bunting, Instax Photo Album, Batteries, Camera Strap. Making an Instax wall with Instax includes simple steps-:

  • Depending on how many rows of pictures you want on your wall, place the hooks on opposite ends.
  • Tie the string loosely around the hooks and use clippers to hang the pictures across the string.
  • The Instax gift box includes a bunting; all you have to do is insert your photos into the bunting and hang them on the wall using the clippers.
  • Now, take your enchanted fairy lights and hang them from the strings! The ends can be taped or tied to the hooks.

Tada! Your magical festive wall is now ready to illuminate your home.

Photo Mural Wall  

With an Instax mural, you can make your wall a show-stopper. Imagine a stunning floor-to-ceiling work of art filled with images taken with Instax instant cameras of your favourite memories. I recommend using mini liplay, the hybrid instant camera, to capture your life moments. The all-in-one Instax LiPlay camera also functions as a printer. You can also print photographs captured from your smart camera using Liplay's direct print capability when connected via Bluetooth. Mini-films in monochrome and different colours can be printed. Take photos of festivals, landscapes, artworks, celebrations, moments, and more with Liplay, which provides you with a plethora of possibilities for creating a stunning wall that stares back at you in all its might.

The Pinterest/ Instagram inspired Chic corners

Have you ever wanted to create Pinterest/Instagram-inspired elegant corners? With Instax-inspired chic corners, your request has been fulfilled. Create your festive-inspired Instax corner this festive season with the Instax SQUARE SQ1, which is sure to raise heads. The camera has a straightforward operation and a striking appearance that produces square prints. This Diwali light up the corners of your house with chic DIY Instax decor and make your Diwali, Instax wali.

Boho style Instax decor- 

Boho is the way to go for Diwali decor! With all of your favourite festive moments, you can create a wall space for a nostalgic drive, whenever you want to remember and cherish those moments. The Instax Wide 300, the best instant camera in India, is ideal for taking wider photos and capturing larger festive moments.

  • To hang the photographs, use a sturdy branch.
  • Second, tie colourful strings around the branch, leaving an arm's length of thread dangling to paste the photographs.
  • Depending on the length of the branch, repeat the process several times.
  • Put tassels on the ends of the string for aesthetics.
  • Finally, use tape or glue to attach your Instax photos to the string.
  • You may also use fairy lights to brighten up your wall and add to the festive feeling.

              Viola! Your house is festive ready.