Every moment is special and what makes it even more special is when you have the right people around you to share it with, to capture and reminisce for a lifetime. And, what better way to behold such precious memories than with Instax Instant Photo Camera? Today, owning an instant camera has become more than just a trend, for Instax mini photo cameras has got people falling in love with the idea of living the moment today and holding it forever in the mini films.

The Classic Vintage Look: However old you are, there is something about the feel and fragrance of ‘old times’ and things related to that. Instax photo cameras bear a distinct resemblance with the 90s - classic, hip and fascinating, all at once. Be it the kids from the 90s or the ones born in the 2000s, everyone just falls in love with it immediately. 

Locks the Present Instantly: Taking pictures from your phone is something, but printing it live in front of you, capturing the very instance of the moment on a glossy piece of paper that will stay with you forever is real and raw. Instax does that! In fact, with Instax’s Mini LiPlay you can do more than just print the present. Wondering what?

Well, the LiPlay besides recording and clicking the picture, generates a QR code which you can scan from your smartphone and play to be transported back into the moment with the sound! Did it blow your mind? We hope it did. We know what nostalgia means to any generation, and LiPlay does that, takes you right back to that most awesome moment.

Mirror for a Perfect Selfie: Who needs a front camera when you have your personal Instax mini. The Instax latest camera now enables you to click a perfect pout selfie wherever you want whenever you want with Instax’s selfie mode. All you have to do is hold your Instax mini 11 at an arm’s length, pull out the lens, practice your pout in the selfie mirror and snap away.

Comes in different models to suit your need: Instax compact instant cameras are for you, he/she who comes looking for it! Instax offers multi-range instant cameras specific to the needs of the people who love to hold any particular instance forever with them. With Mini, Square and Wide instant cameras, the photographer can take more than cracking selfies and create a whole work out of it so that you have all the more memories in effortlessly framed pictures.

Can be accessorized with Instax latest accessories to amp up the fun: You can now buy from a range of accessories to elevate your photography experience with Instax latest cameras. You can choose from a variety of films, frames, printers and a sling for your photography partner. 

The Verdict

The nostalgic sensation can win over anything in the world, and that is more than enough reason to fall in love with Fuji Instax Mini Camera. With its new-age features and specifications, trust us when we say that the Instax mini range of the best hybrid instant cameras is giving smartphone photography a nail biter.

So, what are you waiting for? Grab your latest Instax camera and dive into a fun photography session with your best pals or take a road less walked for some amazing captures!