Instant cameras are a thing! Yes, you read it right, and we at Instax have everything for you right in just one click. We had been wondering to make your scroll through our gallery a little bit more interesting and so we have packed together our and our customer’s favourite picks from Instax India.

Hope you find here what you have been looking for:

  1. Instax Mini 9 Gift Box: We have a range of Instax instant cameras available on the website, but without a doubt our Instax Mini 9 is no less. And, so, we thought we would recommend you the Mini 9 Gift Box, just in case you are looking to buy one of the cutest and one of the most trending rakhi gifts for your sister.

  2. Invest in your first ever Instax Mini LiPlay: Built with the idea of holding time still, Instax Mini LiPlay is the best hybrid instant camera in the country with 2-in-1 features. The Instax Mini Play is not just a printer that prints pictures from your smartphone, but it is a time machine that records your today in a QR time capsule. All you have to do is press record and click, and the ultimate LiPlay latest instant camera will print a picture with a QR for your smartphone to scan. Now, you can just listen to the sounds of the surroundings from the moment when it was captured.

  3. Instax® Mini Monochrome Film or Instax® Mini Rainbow: What is more nostalgic to hold the sounds of your present than a monochrome film? However advanced we get with technology and the changing times, it's just that even the sight of a black and white frame can rush back all the memories in an instant and make us feel alive again.

    However, some like to keep it all lively and vibrant, and for those we have our Instax Mini Rainbow films.

    So, we would recommend that with your Instax Mini LiPlay, you choose what your heart wants, as it’ll make the perfect combo of memory holders for you!

  4. Instax Mini Liplay Knit Cover: Made of super soft wool and available in 3 very interesting colours - Black, Pink and White, Instax Mini LiPlay Knit Cover is an accessory that one must definitely look towards to protect their LiPlay’s camera lenses. The LiPlay Knit Cover is feather light, casual and easy-to-carry, and is an essential if you are someone who loves to carry their instant hybrid camera around with them for that perfect click!

  5. Instax Mini Film Stand & Case: Capturing the perfect moment is what we live for, and so keeping those moments safe and sound for the time to come is even more important. This cassette shaped film stand and case will be a super cute addition to your Instax Mini LiPlay combo as you can keep all your memories handy and of course, safe!

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