In the realm of corporate gifting, being unique and different matters.
Corporate gifts are effective in conveying heartfelt messages. They give you the power to express yourself to build a long-lasting connection with your client. A good corporate gift can elevate the company’s rapport, build a great image, and guarantee a place for you in the good books of the client.

Corporate gifting is a great opportunity to communicate with your clients and employees and express your gratitude to your partners,
You always have the option to choose traditional gifts as there are a plethora of varieties, but the lack of personal touch comes as a barrier between you and your clients. When it’s about giving your clients something they would remember for a long time, you have to stand out.

So if you are looking for great corporate gift ideas, you’ve come to the right place. We will help you choose the perfect gift. Because a unique gift can not only bring a smile on their face but can also strengthen the business relationships between you two.

Wellness gifts

Maintaining a work-life balance is quite tough. Taking care of mental health along with physical health while trying to ace at work in attempts to create a path of success; doing all at once seems very challenging and overwhelming. But one thing one can surely do is to take a break. Take a break from the challenges of life, and give yourself time to heal and rejuvenate. To emphasise on the wellness of your people, you can give them something they’d love.
Whether it is for a client or your own employees, a wellness gift like massage gift cards, essential oils and diffusers, fitness equipment like fitness bands, teas, and yoga equipment. These gifts demonstrate a sense that you care deeply about your employees or the client. It can contribute to creating a culture at work where people are acknowledged and nurtured.


Who doesn’t like getting lost in the world of words, mingling with fictional characters, surfing on the sentences, and hopping from one page to the next in excitement. When you’re looking for corporate gifting ideas, a soothing book might interest you. A great has the power to take one to another dimension and help them wander in the land of stories and fantasies.
Giving a book as a gift to either your employees, or your client might affect the dynamics in a positive way between you two. Books allow one to free their mind, and take them on a trip to the alternate world. Indeed, a bit traditional, but definitely a great and thoughtful gift.
To add a little bit of more personal touch, you can also slide in customised messages for your clients and employees. This will not only bring a smile on their face but it will also make them realise that you care about them.


Watches make a good gift when gifting them to your client or your employees. They truly resonate that your relationship with them has stood the test of time, has overcome every obstacle, and has been going strong since the inception.
A good quality, premium watch can definitely enhance and elevate your relationship.
Giving someone a watch is also seen as a symbol or promise and commitment. Watches are the most beautiful, practical, elegant, charming, premium gifts one can wear every day. Choosing a watch that perfectly goes with the recipient’s personality displays the effort and a sense of care. It shows that you put some effort into it and then presented them with this lovely and thoughtful gift.
So when you’re looking for corporate gifting ideas, a good watch definitely holds a special place in this list.

Customised mugs

The list of corporate gift ideas is incomplete without this fantastic corporate gift. A travel mug is a practical and popular gift. They are useful, they are ideal, they are amazing.
A perfect gift for the employees who are always on the move. An ideal gift for your clients as well. For the ones who are always caffeinated or hydrated, and for the ones fueled by a cup of coffee or tea every once in a while. Mugs make a great gift.
You can also make them more thoughtful and add a personal touch to it by adding the company’s logo or the pictures of your partners. You can also top it up with personalised messages written with your heart.
Who would’ve imagined a simple thing like this would make such a thoughtful gift.

Gourmet gift baskets

Luxurious, premium, beautiful. A gourmet gift basket is a basket full of emotions and feelings. It’s a way of showing appreciation and recognition to your employees, clients and partners with the help of some thoughtful thinking and creative approach. You just have to get designed customised gourmet baskets, fill them with high-quality treats, and goodies.
Gourmet baskets are one of the best ways to express love and gratitude to people you care for.
They are considerate, memorable, and affordable.
A perfect gift indeed.

Who doesn't love taking a break from a monotonous life, unleash their creative side, and capture the moments found in every moment of their lives. Who doesn’t want to explore, and wander in search of beautiful compositions. Well, even your clients, employees, and partners want to do that.

To achieve all that, one needs a camera. Not just a camera actually, a great camera. And when you’re thinking of perfect corporate gifting ideas, this is where instax comes in the picture to help you take pictures.
Instax offers a plethora of amazing camera options that will help them capture the beauty of life at every step. That’s why we bring you the amazing, cute, compact, cool Instax cameras and printers, so that you can give a gift of instant fun to the important people in your life.

Instax Square SQ 40

Unleash the creative side of your dearest ones. Give them an opportunity to their special moments with the instax Square SQ 40 instant camera because big moments deserve a big Square frame.

Capture the true you with the SQ40 and frame special moments with extra love!

If they love capturing the innocence of life, give them the power to print, and share with the help of this classic and cool tool that loves good times as much as they do.

The Instax Square SQ1 even gives them power to capture photos in every setting as it comes loaded with features like auto-exposure, close-up mode, and built-in flash.

Instax Mini 99

The Instax mini 99 instant camera is compact and comes in vibrant colours. It's simple to operate.
In short, a perfect device for capturing the special moments and turning every beautiful moment into a delightful tangible memory instantly. It comes loaded with cool features like Bulb Mode, Double Exposure Mode, Macro Mode, Vignette Mode, Colour Effect Control, and much more.

A perfect and thoughtful device for your clients and partners so that they can create lasting memories wherever they go.

Instax Wide Link Printer

The perfect device for the ones who love freezing the memories of their expeditions. They can also add fun doodles and enhance their memories with their creativity. With great speed, awesome print quality, and amazing features, it's sure that they’d enjoy every moment with the Instax wide link printer.
It comes loaded with features like collage printing, multi-printing, rich mode and its on-the-go design make it special in many ways.
By gifting them this innovative device, you can give them the power to bring their memories to life in vivid details!

Mini Link 2

A more compact and smart gift that will surely elevate your dearest ones’ experiences.
They can craft their own prints with Instax AiR, and give their prints a personalised touch.
The Mini Link 2 is available in 3 stylish colours, mini Link 2 smartphone printer is all things fun and creative.

Instax gift boxes

The Instax Gift Boxes are a perfect gift because you're not just giving them a present, you're giving them the key to unlock unforgettable memories and bring them to life. The Instax Gift Boxes come in different shapes, sizes, and varieties. Here are some gift boxes from Instax that are suitable as corporate gift ideas.

  • Mini Link 2 Starter Kit
  • Instax Mini Link 2 Goodness Box
  • Instax Mini 12 Gift Box
  • Instax Mini 12 Moments Box
  • Instax Mini 11 Happiness Box

So here were some amazing and unique corporate gift ideas. Pick and choose what suits you the best, and nurture and strengthen your relationships with your clients and employees.