The smallest gestures have bigger impacts if the emotions behind your gestures have the power to make a place deep enough into the depths of someone’s heart. And if your actions can make a long-lasting impact in someone’s life, and make their special day even more special, then you’re on the right track. Because life is all about making others happy. It’s all about making the ones close to you feel that they are important to you, and you value them.

So, when it comes to wedding gifts, it's all about finding something that goes beyond the ordinary. Something that is different and powerful and thoughtful.

Imagine that you're sitting there at the wedding, witnessing the beautiful event where your dear ones are all set to write a new chapter in life; surrounded by love and laughter. All you want is your gesture to reflect that same warmth and emotion. That's where these unique wedding gift ideas come in.

No matter which route you choose, the key is to infuse your gift with genuine emotion and thoughtfulness.

It's not about how much money you spend, but it’s about the sentiment behind that gesture. After all, weddings are all about love.

This guide will help you choose the perfect and unique wedding gift ideas. Moving ahead, you just need some stationery, a little bit of creativity, good intent, and you’re all set to create a heartfelt wedding gift.

Photo postcards

Photo postcards can be a personalised and heartfelt gifting option. Select the couple’s most memorable and adorable pictures, customise them with sweet, heartwarming messages, and present them as a nostalgic keepsake.
Perfect to make your loved ones smile, and make their special day even more memorable, simply expressing your affection. What else could be a better wedding gift than this?

Photo coasters

When you think of gifting someone coasters, the only thing that comes to your mind is, why? Why would someone do it? When you’re looking for unique wedding gift ideas, coasters are the last thing you can think of.
But did you know that you can turn this unique thing into a great gift? Just take out some, adhesives, pens, colours, and unleash your creativity. Choose some beautiful, memorable photographs of the bride to be or the groom to be with their significant other, and turn them into coasters that are custom-made with love, emotions, and efforts.

Just hand-pick some high-quality ceramic, wood, or cork coasters, and give them a little creative twist.
Dive deeper into nostalgia, knock on the doors of the beautiful memories. Whether it’s a memory when they exchanged rings and hearts with each other or the time they made it official to the world.
Just pick out some of your favourite images of the couple, stick them on the coasters, and this pretty gift is ready to protect the future couple’s furniture, and serve as a constant reminder of their beautiful love story.

Who would’ve thought that a simple thing like a coaster can make your loved ones feel elated and gleeful.

Custom Night Sky Map

Whether you choose the day they exchanged rings along with their hearts, or the day they met each other. Or the day they confessed their love to each other to start a beautiful journey together.
The image of what the night sky looked like that special day or night is a memento they'll always cherish. That special gift will not only make them happy, but will also take them to the nostalgia road.
You can look for it online, and get it customise as per your requirement. And to top it up with more emotions, you can add a beautiful and nostalgic photograph of the new and happy couple.
Isn’t this one of the most beautiful unique wedding gift ideas ever?

Illustration couple portrait

When you’re looking for unique wedding gift ideas, illustration couple portraits are a good option.
You give them something custom to remember their day by. Create this personalised wedding illustration of the couple.

Photo lamp

A gift that lights them up. Literally. Light up your creative side, go out of the box, grab some stationary, and get going. Explore the lands of nostalgia, hand-pick your favourite memories, and the couple’s best moments. Whether it’s the day they met, or the day they exchanged rings, or the day they gave each other their hearts.

Pick the best moments, ones that are closest to them. The ones that light up their face and heart every time they look at them. Shortlist the best emotional moments and turn them into a photo lamp.
Create a new lamp of your own, or get it customised from somewhere. It’s up to you which route you want to take, but the couple’s happiness is guaranteed.

Who doesn’t love photography? Each one of us likes capturing our moments, making memories we can cherish later. Whether it’s from a much-awaited trip, or the best moments of life that truly define happiness and joy. The moments that make us want to go back to the land of nostalgia. So when you’re looking for unique wedding gift ideas like that, instax comes in the picture, to take your pictures.

Instax cameras & instant photo printers are the perfect wedding gift. The gift of instant fun. They are cute, cool, smart, amazing and handy.

Instax Mini 9

The Instax mini 9 instant camera is compact and comes in vibrant colours. It's simple to operate. In short, a perfect device for capturing the special moments.
It comes loaded with HI-Key Mode & Auto Exposure, you can click perfectly-lit shots, and with a shiny Selfie Mirror, capture great selfies in wallet-sized Instax mini films! On top of that, multiple features allow them to get creative with different modes.
A perfect device for your newly wed friends to make lasting memories of their thrilling journey called marriage.

Instax Wide Link Printer

The perfect device for the ones who love freezing their travel memories. They can also add fun doodles and enhance their memories with their creativity. With great speed, awesome print quality, and amazing features, it's sure that they’d enjoy every moment with the Instax wide link printer.

It comes loaded with features like collage printing, multi-printing, rich mode and its on-the-go design make it special in many ways making it one of the best wedding gifts.
By gifting them this innovative device, you can give them the power to bring their memories to life in vivid details!

Instax Pal Camera

Give your newly wed friends a gift of capturing instant memories with the Instax Pal Camera. Perfect to captivate every bit of their adventure and happy moments in their marriage journey. This portable camera will ensure that they never miss a photo opportunity.

With its easy-to-use features, like remote shooting for selfies or group shots, personalised shutter sounds, and fun filters, it's a delightful way to preserve and share delightful moments of life.

Instax gift boxes

The Instax Gift Boxes are a perfect gift because you're not just giving them a present, you're giving them the key to unlock unforgettable memories and bring them to life. The Instax Gift Boxes come in different shapes, sizes, and varieties. Here are some gift boxes from Instax that are suitable as unique wedding gift ideas.

  • Mini Link 2 Starter Kit
  • Instax Mini Link 2 Goodness Box
  • Instax Mini 12 Gift Box
  • Instax Mini 12 Moments Box
  • Instax Mini 11 Happiness Box

So here were some unique wedding gift ideas for your friends starting a new chapter of life. These gifts will not only help them capture every beautiful moment but also help them preserve them.