Sometimes, the smallest gestures make the biggest impacts. If the thoughts behind them are big, the smiles also turn out to be big.And it is all that matters; making a loved one smile and feel good.

All we just want is to make our way into the hearts of our loved ones through our sweet deeds, and the sweetest gestures, and make their special day even more special.
Gestures and actions that make them happy, not just from the outside, but from the inside as well.

Those gestures can be as tiny as a needle in a haystack, or as humongous as a mountain embracing the clouds wandering in the sky.One such simple and unique gesture is a photograph. A thing that is not just a piece of gleaming paper, but a beautiful feeling. A photograph is more than a memory, but an emotion.

It’s a prepossessing gesture of making your way into your loved one’s heart and leaving a mark on his life.So, when you’re looking to impress someone special, such as your life partner, your soulmate, your beloved husband, here are some unique and special anniversary gifts for husband that will surely win his heart.

And to start this, you just need the amazing Instax Printers and Instax Cameras, some stationery, a little bit of creativity, and you’re all set to create delightful anniversary gifts for your husband. An anniversary present that they’ll remember in the future.

Photo coasters

Ever thought of gifting coasters to your husband on your anniversary? Who would’ve thought that a simple thing like a coaster can make your husband feel elated and gleeful. Take out some colors, adhesives, pens, and while holding hands with a little bit of creativity along with good intent, choose some photographs of you and him together and turn them into coasters that are custom-made with love and emotions.

Just hand-pick some high-quality ceramic, wood, or cork coasters, and give them a little twist with your creativity.Dive deeper into nostalgia, knock on the doors of your beautiful memories with them. Whether they are the memories you created together using Instax Cameras on your honeymoon, or the delightful time you spent together throughout the expedition of your married life. Just pick out some of your favorite images and stick on them, and this pretty gift is ready to protect your furniture, and serve as a constant reminder of your love story.

Scrapbooks of your love journey

If your husband is a wanderer. If his feet don’t stay in one place. And if he loves exploring every inch of the world, a perfect gift awaits him. For your travel loving husband, who loves going the extra mile on every expedition, don’t just settle for a boring album, design memorabilia; a gorgeous narrative of their beautiful travel memories, anecdotes, and adventures.

Create a scrapbook of his adventures, top it up with crafted messages and gift it to him. Craft a story that captures and celebrates their free spirit. This will not only make them smile, but also transport them into the faraway lands of crazy adventures they had on their voyages. And if you’re a part of their voyages; a companion in their travel journeys, then pull out some of the memories you created together on the beaches of Pondicherry, the seashores of the Maldives, the streets of Goa, or the treks of the Himalayas.

Photo postcards with love

Some things never go out of style. So when you’re looking for perfect anniversary gifts for your husband, create a customized postcard they’ll fall in love with. Just choose your favorite photographs, customize them with heartfelt messages, and present them something that reminds them of the beautiful past. Handcraft a postcard that is not just a card, but a ticket to the forgotten world of nostalgia and see the magic.

Calendar of the past

When you think of calendars, we know that the only image that comes to your mind is a boring, orthodox, conventional calendar. Well, now as you read this, imagine what can make these boring calendars interesting and fun. Nothing much actually! Just a little bit of creativity, and a good intent.

Close your eyes for a moment, and walk on the ‘nostalgia road’ that leads to the beautiful moments you have been spending together. Pick those moments, milestones, and memories from each year, month, day, print them using Instax Printers, and weave them together to create a personalized photo calendar featuring highlights from your relationship. As a result, they won’t be able to stop themselves from reminiscing about the beautiful memories you both spent together.

Custom album cover music plaque

Every couple has a song they relate to. A song that beautifully captures the essence of their relationship. A song that takes them down the memory lane. A song that ignites the passion between you two while touching your heart.Celebrate your love with a personalized music album cover frame.So when you’re looking for anniversary gifts for husband, believe us, nothing is as beautiful as an Album Cover Plaque etched with the photograph of you two over a song that binds you together, every single time you listen to it.


If your husband is an avid reader who constantly drowns himself in the world of words, a customized bookmark might fill their heart with happiness. Just choose the best memory of you together, and turn it into a bookmark, So that every time they swim in the world of fantasies and stories, they’ll stumble upon the characters of their own story.

Instax Cameras and Printers

Last but not the least. Getting up close and personal with your past is a beautiful feeling, but creating memories in the present which you can cherish in the future is a more beautiful feeling.

So, whenever you’re looking for the best and unique anniversary gifts for husband, don’t forget the one that will help him stitch delightful moments into memories with you.

Choose from the range of Instax Gift Boxes, packed with an Instax Camera, films, printer and lots of awesome accessories. It’s a perfect gift because you're not just giving him a present, you're giving him the key to unlock unforgettable memories, and bring them to life.

Instax Mini 11 Happiness Box

Now he can capture moments instantly and turn them into memories in a jiffy.
The camera is simple to operate, and is available in 5 cool colors. With features like Selfie Mode and Auto Exposure, he will just click, print, cherish every moment.

Instax Share SP3 Square Plus

Carry it, flaunt it, and print on the go. Another beautiful gift that will light him up. With SP3 Square Plus, he’ll be able to print the best photos saved in his phone gallery.
It gives high-quality prints and gives an option to add filters and frames.

So, those were some of our favourite and unique ideas for anniversary gift for husband.
Get a little creative, let your imagination run wild, be innovative, and handcraft a delightful and thoughtful anniversary gift on their special day.