Travellers love exploring. They are adventurers at heart, embracing every moment with creativity and courage. They love capturing the essence of each scene they encounter, each path they wander on, each expedition they set foot on.

They love exploring new horizons with open minds, open hearts, and open arms.
When it comes to finding gifts for these intrepid souls, materialistic things don’t satisfy their boundless spirit, and complement their free nature. Only a gift chosen with heart can enhance their travel experiences. Only thoughtful travel gifts can fulfil their needs.

All you need is a little bit of intent, creativity, innovation, some out of the box thinking, and some cool travel gift ideas.

So here are some amazing travel gift ideas to ignite their wanderlust and complement their journeys.

Flipbook of Adventurous Expeditions

Give the ordinary flipbook a creative twist. Dive into the sea of nostalgia and look for the best travel moments you’ve spent together. Or their favourite travel memories in which they felt alive and free.

Maybe the time they looked at the sunrise from atop the mountain, with the sun peeking through the clouds and painting the sky in its colours. Or maybe the time they drenched their feet in the warmth of the sea.

Just hand-pick some of their best travel memories, craft beautiful messages and let your feelings flow freely. Let your emotions bring out the best artist in you as you create a beautiful, heartfelt flipbook of their crazy travel adventures that will not just make them happy, but fill their heart with joy too.

Travel Pouches

When you’re thinking of great travel gift ideas, travel pouches are perfect. But do you know what are greater options for travel gifts?
A gift that has emotions to it. A present that has more depth to it, more thoughts to it. A travel pouch with a creative twist.

Pick your favourite travel memory with them, or a memory of them conquering their expedition, and get customised pouches designed for them. A really cute gift that would not only remind them of the crazy times they spent with you, but also act as a reminder of your bond.


Most of the travellers are avid readers. Just like how they love exploring, wandering, cruising on the unknown paths, they love losing themselves in the world of fantasy. They love hopping on from one word to another. They love travelling from one page to the next.

And for the book reader, travel lover friend of yours, travel gifts like customised bookmarks are just about perfect. Just choose the best travel memories of you together, or their favourite travel moment, and turn them into bookmarks they can carry with them on every expedition and cherish them forever.

Photo Frames

Photo frames never go out of style. They are a timeless way to cherish special moments and share them with the people who mean the most to you. There's something really beautiful and heartfelt about giving someone a physical photo that they can behold and cherish.

So next time when you’re looking for travel gifts for your friend, just use an instant printer, print out some of the best travel memories, frame them and decorate them. And you're ready with a simple, beautiful, emotional present that can touch the hearts of your loved ones.

Travellers love capturing their expeditions. They love captivating every scene they encounter. Every moment they feel and live.
And to keep this passion of theirs alive, we believe, a camera and camera related accessories would be perfect travel gifts for them. A companion that would be with them on their every journey.

Some More Travel Gift Ideas for the Travel Lovers

A travel lover always has a knack for photography. And to quench their thirst to capture their beautiful travel memories, no travel gift ideas can be as cool as Instax camera and printers.
They are cute, cool, smart, amazing and handy.

Instax Mini 12 Camera

If new adventures fuel the thrill seeker in your friend. If he loves exploring and wandering on new paths, capturing moments he can cherish later, then the Instax Mini 12 is for him. A camera like Mini 12 is crafted to help him craft moments, and turn them into memories that will last forever. The memories that will make him go back to the nostalgia road again and again and fuel the explorer in him.
The camera is user-friendly, smart, compact and extremely reliable. A perfect gift for your friend.

Instax EVO

A smart instant camera but with a professional touch. It’s a hybrid instant camera and printer, and comes with 10 lens effects. A perfect device for travellers to accompany their adventurous voyages.

Instax Wide Link Printer

The perfect device for travellers, and the ones who love freezing their travel memories. They can also add fun doodles and enhance their travel memories with their creativity. With great speed, awesome print quality, and amazing features, it's sure that they’d enjoy every moment with the Instax wide link printer.
It comes loaded with features like collage printing, multi-printing, rich mode and its on-the-go design make it special in many ways making it one of the best travel gifts.
Gifting this to them would just upgrade and enhance their travel experience as with this innovative device they would have the power to bring their memories to life in vivid detail!

Instax Pal Camera

Give your travel lover friend a gift of capturing instant memories with the Instax Pal Camera! Perfect to captivate every bit of their adventure, this portable camera will ensure that they never miss a photo opportunity. With its easy-to-use features, like remote shooting for selfies or group shots, personalized shutter sounds, and fun filters, it's a delightful way to preserve and share adventurous moments.

So here were some of the amazing travel gift ideas for your adventurous and daring friend. Browse through our recommendations, pick your favourite travel gifts, and make your loved one happy.