Photography is such a simple art and yet such a tricky one to get right. People use all kinds of accessories to ensure that they get the perfect shot, but what they forget is that it all falls on how you use the lighting, camera features or the angle. Though, the compact instant cameras are quite different from DSLRs or smartphone cameras, they still can pack a lot in their frames if handled well.

Instax is all about photography at any instance in life, whether you are travelling or going out to a park or just creating a photo album of special memories. It tries to encapsulate all the goodness of the moment in the frame such that it lasts forever. So, if you have stumbled upon this blog to find out how to take picturesque shots as you travel, here are 5 very good reasons to make it happen:

Tip 1: Use the L&D (Light & Dark) option for controlling the brightness

When you are travelling, it is hard to capture some pictures because sometimes itll be dark and sometimes just too bright. So, to make it easier and every frame worth the while, Instax Wide 300 comes with an L&D feature that allows the user to brighten or darken the image based on brightness exposure in the environment. 

Tip 2: Improve on your photography by standing at a required distance of min 3 meters

Wide 300 is just like any other instant photo camera, yet, very different as it allows the users to capture scenic beauty on wide films with higher image quality when taken from the required distance. If you are using Instax Wide 300 for the first time, ensure that you stand at least at a distance of 3 meters to bring the subject in focus, as  it willl\ allow you to take a sharp beautiful shot.

Tip 3: Take advantage of Auto-Flash when you can

Travelling is not just about capturing the mountains or oceans; it is also about holding memoirs. Use flash to get a bright image when it's dark, take a selfie with a stranger or of your friend by the beach in the middle of the night. Remember, every frame demands to be shot - so, use Instax Wide 300 to bring the best out of every moment.

Tip 4: Dont forget anyone. Instax Wide 300 is All-Inclusive.

Instax Wide 300 has no favourites, none at all. It means to lock everyone in a single frame using compatible wide films, for lifetime without having to shout to squeeze in. Did you know that Wide 300s frame is twice as wide as FujiFilm Instax Mini Camera - designed to make the most of the bigger shots. Win-Win for all.

Tip 5: Make friends with a Close-up lens when on travel

Fully loaded with a 95mm lens, Instax Wide 300 has a focal zoom dial that allows the user to switch easily between two focus zones – 90cm to 3m or 3m to infinity, so that one can show off the finest detail in a single wide frame.

Which all places can you use your Instax Wide 300?

Before you wander off, here is a quick for you. Instax Wide 300 that uses wide films to capture every larger than life moment is widely used by travel photographers, but it does not just cater to that audience. Besides being all about travel photography, Wide 300 lends itself to wedding photography and other outdoor shots due to its wider films to seize the grandness of the occasion more accurately. Even though it is like any other Instax instant camera, it still stands out to make photography more genuine, reasonably beautiful and of course, artistic. 

Did we interest you in going out on a travel spree? I hope we did, because millions of people who use our Instax Wide series feel just the same way - always travel-ready with the travel buddy, Instax Wide 300.

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