Rakshabandhan is a beautiful festival that captures the essence of love and care between brothers and sisters and is the perfect occasion to express the emotions between brothers and sisters. Raksha Bandhan is more than just a sister tying a thread on her brother's wrist, it is the celebration of the bond that is nurtured by love and respect for each other. It is the promise to grow together and protect each other from harm and evil, regardless of how much you just hate being in the same room together even for a minute. That’s the beauty of this relationship: you love to hate them and hate yourself for loving them dearly. 

Gifts hold a special place in almost all Indian festivals, and Raksha Bandhan is no different. Siblings eagerly wait for the gifts, and their excitement knows no bounds when they receive the perfect gift. Gifts have a way of bringing a smile to the face of a receiver. Putting a smile on a  face is enough motivation to give gifts. This is also a unique way to show the gift recipient what you think of him or her. This Raksha Bandhan, we just have the best gift for your sister that she will love and cherish all her life. Fuji Instax Mini Camera is the perfect Raksha Bandhan gift for sister in 2021 . Gift your sister an Instant camera that takes great-quality photos and is also fun to use. She will always get prints that’ll last a lifetime, whether she wants to keep them or give them away.

Gift Box

Instax mini gift box comes in mini 9 and mini 11 boxes. The Mini 9 gift box has a mini 9 camera and the mini 11 gift box has the mini 11 cameras. The gift box contains Instax Mini Film Pack 10x1, Instax Photo Bunting, Instax Photo Album, Batteries, and Camera Strap. The Instax gift box is the best Rakhi gift for sister. The mini 9 camera captures the perfect instant photos whereas mini 11 is just perfect for selfies. 

Treasure Box

Instax has come up with two treasure boxes-Mini 9 and mini 11 with mini 9 and mini 11 cameras respectively. This is the perfect gift to give your baby sister to treasure all the moments that you spend together. Instax offers mini 9 and mini 11 Treasure boxes with 1 Instant Camera, 10 x 1 Film Pack, Album, Fridge Magnet, Instax Bunting, Batteries, and Manual. 

Surprise box

A surprise box is a perfect way to surprise your sister. There are two surprise boxes- mini 9 and mini 11 surprise boxes, just perfect for her to click photos instantly to make unforgettable memories. She can capture her beautiful memories and save them with Instax Album and Instax Magnets. Along with selfie-ready Instax Mini 9 and picture-perfect mini 11 cameras, both surprise Boxes contain 10 film shots, Instax Album and Fridge Magnets. 

Happiness Box

The Instax happiness Box is the perfect gift option to make your sister feel special on a special day. As the name suggests, the box is destined to bring happiness to her life. These are the perfect gift boxes neatly wrapped in nostalgia, love. creating new ones that are close to your heart and memory that you want to relive again and again with your sibling all your lifetime. Happiness box comes in two boxes- mini 9 and mini 11 happiness box. They both contain the same accessories but different cameras, as the name implies; there are mini 9 and mini11 cameras in the box. The accessories involve 40 shots: Film pack, Album, Fridge Magnet, Instax Bunting, Batteries, Manual.